Develop communication & trust, and build teams using physical & mental challenges that require group interaction.

Adventure course

Adventure course activities are never more than three feet off the ground. During this exercise the focus is on the team building. Team development and leadership concepts are taught through a series fun problem-solving activity.

After completing each element, our facilitators can help groups reflect upon their experience to explore how they function as a team and ways to become more effective. Activities are performed on or close to the ground, gradually increasing in difficulty so that the team can learn from its successes, and build trust, communication skills, group dynamics, and help problem solving skills.

Telephone pole shuffle

A group of equally divided participants attempt to change ends on the log without getting off the log. If one team member falls the teams must start again.

The vine walk

Participants try to get from one side of the vine to the other without touching the ground. As one member of the group attempts to cross, other members of the group can assist by holding the vine.

The wobbly walk

Do you have the patience to make it to the other end without falling off? Be patient, go slow, and you MIGHT make it to the other side!

Spider web

Navigate your group through the crazy web, all areas need to be used for your group’s success.

Tricky tyre run

The fastest time wins! First run through the centre, then one foot in the tyre & one on the ground. Repeat with other side. It’s a lot harder than it sounds!

The swinging log

You may be able to surf the net, but can you surf the log? Or how about walk the log? And how many can stand up on it at once? The answers to these and other questions await all those who attempt – the swinging log!! This element is great for group or individuals.

Scale the wall

Time your team – who can scale the wall fastest using the most number of holds?

Track Walk

Easier to walk on than cable, but at no point along the journey can you grab a tree or pole for support! A challenging balancing activity, the track walk has been designed with inclines, declines and gaps to make it even harder. The group can all do this at the same time & use each other as a support brace.


Archery requires precision, control, focus, physical ability & determination… however the best part of archery is the fun & laugher!


We have bikes! And Harrietville has several awesome trails to ride on, including a great 11km bike trail… or you can simply go for a ride to the local fish farm.

Giant Jenga

Do you have the patience to make it to the other end without falling off? Be patient, go slow, and you MIGHT make it to the other side!


Volleyball improves hand-eye coordination, developing & strengthening fast reflexes. Challenge your friends to keep the ball in the air!

Raft making

A raft can be of great benefit to a person lost in the bush, or stranded on an island in a lake. If you are stranded in the ocean, as a team you need to work out the best way to make and keep your raft afloat. Can you do it?


The aim is to decide if you are going to stay dry, or dunk your companion 😊  We take the canoes to Tronoh Lake Reserve where you can swim and paddle until you are exhausted!


We also have many other activities including Basket Frisbee, Gaga pit, scavenger hunt, night walks & many more to keep you entertained.

Endless program customisation

Choose some of our activities or design your own.

  • Hiking
  • Fishing in Ovens River or Dredge Hole Lake
  • Gold panning by yourself (pans available) or get “the experts” to show you how along with damper and billy tea down by the River.
  • River wading / dam building Water Ecology / Environmental Studies – re-vegetating the river bank with local species
  • ½ Basketball court
  • Campfire cooking/campfires by the river
  • Open ground for cricket, croquet etc
  • Table tennis in the Recreation Hall
  • Yoga Classes

Night activities

  • Outdoor cinema (warmer months)
  • Night walks and possum prowls
  • Local guest speakers – on local High Country history
  • Devise your own trivia nights
  • Murder mystery dinner parties
  • Concerts
  • Disco/ jukebox nights
  • Theme dinner nights

Teacher information

This teacher information section outlines the activities that have additional fees.
Teacher information


Our facility has accessible, safe, on-site options.

Hotham & Buffalo

Harrietville’s proximity to these mountains make them ideal for snow sports & hiking activities


We have educational, nature-based options nearby which can be part of your school’s program.