School Camp Programs

Primary & Secondary programs

We encourage students to develop the skills and values to become active and informed members of society through communication and team building programs that engage with the Australian curriculum.

Our programs engage students in processes that require them to translate their learning to everyday life through being creative, evaluating, analysing and applying their understanding of the environment around them.

STEAM learning

Encouraging students’ artistic side, (the Arts in STEAM) they begin to realise their own capacity to engage, inspire and enrich themselves and others through our subtle STEAM activities. We like to fire their imagination and encourage them to reach their creative and expressive potential in designing solutions to real world problems.

We develop a program from scratch that caters for your specific requirements.

Primary & secondary camps programs

The following camp programs have been developed for primary & secondary students. These are based on STEAM activities.

  • Primary
  • Secondary
Years 3 – 6

Primary programs

Sunny Side Up

Explore the Alpine Valley in the heart of Harrietville. Encourage students to find the history and beauty of the Alpine Valley by venturing down the tracks and trails along the Ovens river.

  • Nature Walks
  • Adventure Course, Engineering challenges
  • Archery
  • Collaboration challenges (Orienteering, Scavenger Hunt)
  • Swimming and canoeing at the Tronoh Dredge Hole
  • Bike riding
  • Raft and hut building

Let it Snow

Experience changing seasons from the green alpine valley to the snowy white-topped mountains. Students will learn how to adapt to the challenging winter environment. Understanding the scouts code of “Being Prepared” you will see them rise to the occasion, demonstrating independence in areas such what they need to pack, time management, and coordination & motor skills. This trip will leave a lasting impression.

Activities Mount Hotham, Falls Creek or Mount Buffalo
  • Tobogganing
  • Tubing
  • Snow skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Snow shoeing
  • Snow play
  • Evening photo presentations

Autumn Discovery

Understanding the necessity for sustainable solutions to personal and community based problems through our natural through seasonal changes. The Alpine Valley comes alive with breathtaking colour.

In autumn students immerse themselves in STEAM activities that will encourage them to discover themselves, their understanding of each other and the alpine environment.


  • Nature walks / environmental
  • Design thinking and solutions (gold panning / museum)
  • Considering sustained futures (trout farm)
  • Bike riding
  • Camp fire
  • The arts (leaf clay moulding)
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Collaboration and decision making (orienteering)
  • Project management (possum prowl)
  • Archery, adventure course,
  • Systems thinking (build a bird feeder)

Spring Blooms

Welcome to warmer days and cooler nights. Springtime is great for getting back outdoors and discovering, exploring, collecting and analysing data about the abundance of spring adventures available at our facilities. Students experience a range of processes and production skills whilst building knowledge and understanding through navigation: immersing themselves in activities that will encourage them to discover themselves, their understanding of each other, and the systems and components that exist in our alpine environment.

  • Archery, Adventure course
  • Examine design and impact on the environment (nature walks / environment)
  • Explore food and fibre production (local fish farm)
  • Mt Buffalo hike, Lake Catani & Buffalo chalet
Years 7 – 12

Secondary programs

Year 7 Welcome Camp

Encouraging group cohesion, this camp builds on personal reflection and discussion in the STEAM context is our focus.

We work on opening students minds and allowing them to understand themselves and others better. By challenging the individual, they are moved to explore and investigate their perceptions of their world.

  • Developing design solutions (team raft building)
  • Adventure course, bike riding
  • Managing environments for sustainability (trout farm)
  • Abseiling, orienteering, camp fire
  • Talent show
  • Designing for preferred futures (nature walks / hike)
  • Swimming in the Tronoh Dredge

Winter Wonders

Changing seasons from the green alpine valley to the snowy white topped mountains. The student will learn how to adapt to the challenging environments of winter. Adding in the adventure element, the students will learn the benefits of listening, understanding and then acting as instructors guide them down a snowy slope. A test of endurance will see them push through their own boundaries and exceed their goals.

Activities: Mt Hotham, Falls Creek or Mt Buffalo
  • Tobogganing
  • Tubing
  • Snow skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Snow shoeing along the Brabralong trail
  • Evening photo presentations

Year 7 – 9 Summer Sizzles in the Valley

Communication and leadership and STEAM are the focus of this adventure. Challenging the students to build on their inner strengths while communicating with the team to achieve their goals in materials and technologies.

  • Building collaborative approaches (leadership initiatives)
  • Engineering properties (flying fox)
  • Team raft building
  • Adventure course
  • Nature walks / hike
  • Bike riding
  • Abseiling
  • Orienteering
  • Talent show / karaoke and camp fire
  • Swimming in the Tronoh Dredge

Year 9 – 12 Summer Leaders

Leadership, endurance, mate ship and communication are the focus of this adventure. Challenging the students to build on their inner strengths while working together to achieve their goal.

  • Hiking the Bon Accord track
  • Nature walks / environment
  • Team raft building
  • Students to create plan & run activity
  • Adventure course
  • Archery, volleyball
  • Hike the Brabralong Trail
  • Abseil at Mt Buffalo

About our programs

Our School Camps programs are typically between three and five days and are suitable for all ages and abilities. We offer a wide range of fun activities programs on and off site, such as:

  • 14 separate initiative activities are provided on site incorporating swing bridge, blind obstacle course and various adventure course activities.
  • Volleyball, mountain bikes, 1/2 court basketball and outdoor cinema* (available in summer only)
  • Bush craft skills activities are available including raft and hut making. Other environmental base themes are available.
  • Mountain View Retreat is situated on 3 acres and provides plenty of open space for activities and rambles like basketball, football, and cricket.
  • Night time activities are also available including sunset bonfires, camp cooking, outdoor cinema, possum prowls, disco/dance nights, star gazing and night river walk.

About us

We are an owner-operated facility that provides top quality service to any guests we welcome to our facility. We commit to making your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as we can.

Both Noel and Fiona have worked within the hospitality industry for over 30 years. Fiona started her career as a chef, then proceeded into management roles within the industry. A brick layer by trade, Noel has also managed multiple lodges at Mt Hotham, & has taught students snowboarding, squash and football for more than 15 years.

Driven to make a meaningful and tangible difference, Noel & Fiona harnessed their convictions and have made Mountain View Retreat a unique venue that brings individuals, families and groups together to celebrate life.

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